This privacy policy has been developed in accordance with GDPR/RGPD rules. 

Who processes your data?

Nature for kids ® (trade name used by Patrick Devos, independent natural person, hereinafter referred to as Nature for kids ® ), whose head office and logistics are located rue du Clair Val 28 at 5020 Suarlée (Namur) in Belgium , registered in the register of natural persons (RPP) under number 0883.925.564 processes the data collected concerning you, and is responsible for the processing of personal data for any collection of data concerning you in relation to the services offered by Nature for kids ® .

For what purposes do we collect and process your data?

Nature for kids®  collects and processes data concerning you for the purposes listed below and detailed below:

First of all, they are used for customer relationship management purposes and to allow us to better interact with our customers, to optimize the user experience or to respond to requests and possible complaints from our customers.

These treatments include in particular:

  • The possibility of creating an account,
  • The management of your consents and authorizations concerning the use of your personal data in particular for the sending of newsletters and commercial solicitations by electronic means,
  • Allow you to benefit from the services of Nature for kids , order products and services, track your orders and their invoicing, subscribe to newsletters, etc.
  • the collection of your comments and opinions;
  • the management of communications and the monitoring of our exchanges, particularly in the context of any disputes (in particular via customer service accessible for example by telephone, by instant messaging such as chat. these exchanges may be recorded for the purpose of improving the service ),
  • the management of your requests related to the exercise of the rights in particular of access, rectification, and opposition, which you benefit from in application of the regulations on personal data;
  • management of the risk of fraudulent use of your data or the services to which you have access via Nature for kids ; depending on the results of the checks carried out, Nature for kids may take any measures it deems useful for securing your data and our information systems used for the purposes of using Nature for kids ,  as well as for the defense of its interests. If necessary, these measures may lead to the suspension of your access to eu and to your online account.
  • the management of product recalls initiated by suppliers or the sending of various information or documents relating thereto;
  • to establish analyzes or statistics to respond to inquiries or requests carried out by public interest bodies, or administrations, or administrative or judicial authorities (example in the event of a food risk),
  • to trace and administer the evidence that Nature for kids must report in application of its legal or regulatory obligations or for purposes related to the management of litigation (e.g. the necessary evidence concerning the exercise of your rights, evidence relating to your orders)
  • the management of any disputes, in particular related to the recovery of sums that you may owe us, and the management of payment incidents,
  • to comply with our legal or regulatory obligations applicable to the activity of Nature for kids (e.g. to respond to requests from the tax authorities).

Your data may also be used to carry out operations relating to commercial prospecting, or studies intended to improve customer knowledge and the services that Nature for kids can offer.  to its customers. Your data is thus likely to be used, in compliance with the required authorizations that you may have granted to us:

  • to send you promotional messages or advertisements, personalized or not, by post or electronically, including by mobile notifications, according to your profile,
  • to analyze your use of the services (in particular your online browsing and your reactions to emails), so that we can get to know you better, assess the interest represented by the Services offered as well as the messages we send you and offer you offers, content and services adapted to your profile; these analyzes will be carried out in compliance with the authorizations that you may have granted us, in particular in the event of the use of cookies or other tracers.

For commercial prospecting operations linked to profiling and which are based on the consent of the person concerned by the processing, the latter may withdraw their consent at any time, it being understood that this will not call into question the legality of the processing implemented before this revocation.

Your data may be used to carry out technical operations related to the processing of your personal data, for the purposes of the purposes set out herein. This includes :

  • technical operations related to the rectification of addresses;
  • the allocation of a digital identifier linked to your data, so that we can interact with you via various digital communication media (websites and mobile applications, social networks) including to send you targeted advertisements,
  • technical, organizational or cyber security operations related to the detection of anomaly and the securing of your data as well as our information systems from which your data is processed.

Why does the processing of your personal data take place?

Your data may be processed for one or more of the following reasons:

  • because it is necessary to provide the services of Nature for kids .
  • as part of the agreement that you may have formulated, for example to allow us to communicate with you about our offers and products or those of third-party advertisers;
  • in respect of the interests, freedoms and fundamental rights of people registered with Nature for kids services because this is necessary to allow us or our partners to pursue our legitimate interests such as building customer loyalty, optimally managing our relationship with our customers, get to know them better and promote our products and services to them, or even fight against fraud and ensure our defense in the event of litigation.

What data do we collect?

Data processed within the Nature for kids framework  come from :

  • your registration: data appearing on the subscription form such as your surname, first name, date of birth, contact details
  • the use of Nature for kids services such as your purchases, whether made directly from Nature for kids or via data allowing you to be identified and authenticated (connection logs, IP address), those relating to purchases, places and times of ordering and purchasing, your navigation on the site, the dates and times of consultation of the site, location data;
  • sites and mobile applications published by entities third to Nature for kids : information relating to navigation or advertisements addressed to you;
  • social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram; Indeed, data exchanges can occur between Nature for kids and social networks, when for example you are connected to the Facebook social network on your computer and you consult a page of the Nature for kids site. Similarly, if you click on the Instagram button on a page on the Nature for kids site, Instagram will collect this information. If you do not want such exchanges, we recommend that you disconnect from social networks before consulting the Nature for kids site.
  • Data concerning you may possibly be transmitted to us by third parties, such as your postal or electronic address, data relating to your profile, which will integrate our databases. These third parties have collected your data fairly and obtained any consent required before any transmission to Nature for kids .
  • We may possibly have data from Open Data.

With the exception of data from open data, other data is not accessible to the public.
Data can be collected directly from you or through the use of Nature for kids services or even come from other group entities or possibly from our partners or third parties.
The data collected is essential to allow Nature for kids , their service providers and/or partners to provide the services of the services offered via Nature for kids , to allow us to get to know you better and to interact with you, to offer a facilitated relationship with the Nature for kids ecosystem, or to send you, us or our partners, content adapted to your profile and your centers of interest.

Who will be likely to access your data?

To achieve the purposes described above and within the limits necessary for the pursuit of these purposes, your data may be transmitted to all or part of the following recipients:

  • authorized persons from the departments concerned within the company Nature for kids (eg: services in charge of marketing, studies and analyses, consumer panels, customer service, litigation, accounting and tax affairs or IT and information systems security);
  • to payment providers and collection providers for sums that you may owe,
  • Nature for kids service providers and subcontractors (e.g. IT service providers, service providers involved in the advertising sector);
  • advertisers or partner brands, but in this case the latter have no direct or indirect access to data concerning you and only data linked to your profile without it being possible to identify you directly or indirectly, can be used to these advertisers
  • the administrative or judicial authorities where necessary in the context of compliance with our legal obligations or to enable us to ensure the defense of our rights and interests.

Limitation of the retention period of your data

The data collected about you will be kept for the duration necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes above, plus the period of legal prescription.
Thus, primarily, your account data (registration) will be kept for the duration of your membership. They may then be kept and processed for 3 years following the last contact from you, to allow us to send you commercial solicitations.
The data concerning you may be kept for longer under specific legal obligations or with regard to the applicable legal limitation periods.

For example, data may be retained for:

  • 6 years for tax documents;
  • 10 years for accounting documents;
  • the entire duration of the litigation and until all remedies have been exhausted.

Finally, in the event of the exercise of their rights by the persons concerned, the data relating to identity documents may be kept for the applicable legal limitation periods, i.e. for a maximum period of 3 years.

How is your data secured?

Nature for kids ® takes into account the nature of the personal data and the risks presented by the processing, to put in place the appropriate technical, physical and organizational measures to preserve the security and confidentiality of the personal data and prevent them from being deformed, damaged or that unauthorized third parties have access to it.
Nature for kids chooses subcontractors or service providers who offer guarantees in terms of quality, security, reliability and resources to ensure the implementation of technical and organizational measures, including in terms of processing security. Subcontractors and service providers undertake to respect levels of confidentiality at least identical to those of Nature for kids .

Are your data processed outside the European Union?

The different categories of data collected and processed may be transmitted to service provider companies located in countries outside the European Union such as Canada, or even in the context of IT services or the exploitation of data in connection with social networks.
To secure transfers outside the European Union, our subcontractors sign with Nature for kids for example either standard clauses defined by the European Commission in order to regulate flows, or its subject to binding internal rules by the authorities which control the protection of personal data, or are located in a country with legislation offering a adequate protection.

What are your rights ?

In accordance with the regulations on the protection of personal data, you have a right to information as well as a right of access, rectification, deletion (unless they are necessary for the execution of our contract, or that they are necessary for us to comply with our legal obligations or ascertain or exercise our rights) related to the data which concern you, as well as the right to define directives relating to the fate of your data after your death. It is specified here that under the right of access, Nature for kids may request the payment of a reasonable fee based on administrative costs for any additional copy of the data to that which will be communicated to you.

You also have a right to obtain the limitation of processing and a right to the portability of the data that you may have provided, which will apply in certain cases. In addition, you can request to exercise your right of opposition for reasons relating to your particular situation, to the processing of personal data concerning you when the processing is based on the legitimate interest of the data controller, including profiling. . In the event of the exercise of such a right of opposition, Nature for kids will cease the processing except when there are legitimate and compelling reasons for the processing which prevail over the interests and rights and freedoms of the data subject or for the recognition, exercise or defense of a legal right. You can also object to any processing related to prospecting (including profiling related to such prospecting), or withdraw your consent at any time, in cases where this would have been requested of you (the withdrawal of your consent will be without affecting the lawfulness of the processing carried out before the withdrawal of consent)

Nature for kids  would like to inform you that failure to provide information or modification of your data is likely to have consequences in the processing of certain requests in the context of the performance of the services and that your requests for the exercise of rights will be kept at tracking purposes

To exercise your rights, simply write to Nature for kids , rue du Clair Val 28, 5020 Suarlée, Belgium:
- By e-mail: indicating your surname, first name, e-mail address and if possible your customer reference.

Nature for kids® - Cookie management

The use of Cookies when visiting the Site

To allow users of Nature for kids to fully benefit from the services offered by our site [i.e.: purchases of products, consultation, registrations for the services offered, etc.], optimization of use and personalization (in particular personalization of offers and advertisements) depending on the user, Nature for kids uses Cookies.

As long as the Client/User of the Site does not decide to deactivate cookies, he accepts that Nature for kids can use them. He can deactivate these cookies at any time, and this free of charge, from the deactivation possibilities offered to him and recalled below, knowing that this may reduce or prevent accessibility to all or part of the Services offered Services offered by Nature for kids .

Cookies - Definition and use

Sorry, these are not cookies, candies or pastries, but small (temporary) text files left on your computer.

When you consult the Nature for kids site, information relating to the navigation of your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) on the site may be saved in text files called "Cookies", installed on your browser. Cookies will be used to recognize your browser during the validity period of the Cookie concerned.
Only the issuer of the Cookie concerned is likely to read or modify the information contained therein.

In other words, thanks to cookies, you do not have to enter or download information again each time you visit our websites. Super helpful! At the same time they help us to see how you use our websites and how to improve and make everything user-friendly. It should also be mentioned: we also use cookies for marketing reasons.

We therefore use JavaScript. Thanks to this we can create beautiful things, some in combination with cookies and web beacons. For example, we can store your basket or the lists of your products already consulted.

Some Cookies are essential for the use of the site, others make it possible to optimize the use of the site and to personalize the contents displayed. Below you will find more details about the different types of cookies we use:

Technical cookies

These technical cookies are necessary for the use of the site. Without them, you could not access and use certain functions of the site. Among these, we can mention cookies that allow you to access your customer area, Nature for kids session cookies which will temporarily save the information of your session (website visit). So you don't have to fill in the form again when you reload the page, or when you haven't filled in all the fields correctly at once, cookies allow us to recognize you on our webshop, to know what in your basket or if you are logged in. These cookies also allow us to implement security measures.

Preference cookies

These cookies make it easier for you to access our services and to personalize your browsing on our Site (the display of the products you have previously purchased, for example). It is then a question of memorizing the display preferences of your browser (language used, display settings, operating system used, etc.) and of adapting the presentation of the site during your visits, according to the materials and viewing or reading software included in your terminal and which are used for browsing the Site.

Statistical cookies

These cookies allow us to compile traffic statistics, analyze your use of the Site and monitor the performance of our Site in order to improve its operation.

We use this information to improve our website. Without this cookie, we miss your data. We can't see how you use our webshop and you have to wait even longer to see improvements. We can cite among these cookies:

- Google Analytics cookies. With Google Analytics we measure how you use Nature for kids and our webshop and how you find us. We use this information to improve our website. Without this cookie, we miss your data. We can't see how you use our webshop and you have to wait even longer to see improvements. It is deleted after a maximum of two years. Google does not share anonymous data with third parties.

- Hotjar cookies, it allows us to see where you click on the site, and what part of the site you are viewing. Thanks to Hotjar we can better understand the way our users use our site and therefore make ergonomic improvements. This cookie is deleted after a maximum of 1 year.

Social network and sharing cookies

Cookies are likely to be deposited by third party social networks of Nature for kids , in particular when you share one of our pages on a social network.

Social networks are also likely to identify you through the buttons or modules present on our Site even if you have not used them during your navigation. Indeed, the social network can follow your browsing simply because your session is open when you browse the Site. If you wish to avoid these cookies, we recommend that you log out of all social networks before visiting our Site (or use private browsing as explained below), otherwise tracking is automatic.

We also invite you to consult the privacy protection policies of these networks in order to find out about the purposes for which your data is used and the nature of the information they may collect (that of Facebook can be found at the link following: It is appropriate for everyone to ensure that the conditions of use of these social networks make it possible to supervise and restrict the use of their data by these social networks, in particular by setting up their user accounts with them.

Advertising cookies

These cookies may be placed by us or our partners on your browser when you visit the site. in order to offer you on the Site or a third party site, personalized advertisements and to carry out commercial prospecting operations.

Nature for kids is therefore likely to contain Cookies issued by third parties (communication agency, audience measurement company, targeted advertising provider, etc.) allowing them (during the validity period of their Cookies) to collect information from navigation relating to the browsers consulting the Site and to determine the advertising content likely to correspond to your centers of interest in order to send you targeted advertisements, with regard to your browsing history collected by the third party.

At any time, you can prevent the collection of information about you by these third-party Cookies, by clicking on the corresponding links (see the chapter on the management and use of cookies).
The issuance and use of Cookies by these companies are subject to their own terms of use.

Thus, when you access a third-party site containing advertising space, said space may contain one or more advertisements from the Nature for kids Site. The aim is for example to limit the number of advertisements displayed by measuring the number of advertisements viewed. Then, it is also to adapt the advertising content inserted on our Site to your centers of interest. Finally, this also allows us to adapt and send our customers personalized advertisements that are specifically intended for them by means of electronic prospecting or by display on the terminal within advertising spaces containing Cookies issued by our site. This is thanks to the personal data that our customers communicate in particular when registering or accessing one of the services on the site. Among these cookies, we can cite:

-Microsoft Advertising: This cookie can see which products you are interested in. This will help us show you more relevant ads in Microsoft Advertising. Without these cookies, you would not receive personalized offers. This cookie will be deleted after 90 days. Microsoft shares anonymous data with third parties.

-Google Advertising: With this Google cookie we can know how you use . This knowledge allows us to make better choices in the products we present to you. But also to offer you offers that may interest you. Without this cookie, you would not receive these personalized offers on our website, in our newsletter and in your emails. This cookie comes from Google and will be deleted after a maximum of two years. Google does not share anonymous data with third parties.

- Facebook: This cookie can see which products you are viewing. This way we can show you relevant ads on Facebook. This cookie comes from Facebook and remains active for a maximum of 2 years. Without these cookies, you would not have personalized offers. Facebook does not share information with third parties.

Klaviyo: When you subscribe to our newsletter, we can offer you more targeted offers. A kind of personalized newsletter in short. For this, we use an email marketing software, Klaviyo. Without Klaviyo cookies, you would miss all those newsletters prepared especially for you.


Sharing terminal usage with others

If the Customer's terminal is used by several people and when the same terminal has several navigation software, the Site cannot ensure with certainty that the services and advertisements intended for the terminal correspond to the actual use by the Customer of this terminal and not to that of another user of this terminal.
The sharing with other people of the use of the Customer's terminal and the configuration of the parameters of his browser with regard to Cookies are his free choice and his responsibility. In other words, if you use your computer (for example) with other people, the browsing of different users will be recorded and will therefore be tracked by cookies. It is therefore ideally necessary to delete the cookies between the different sessions in this case.

The length of the conversation

Cookies are kept for a maximum of thirteen (24) months from their deposit on your terminal. Upon expiry or if you have manually deleted your cookies, your consent will be required again.

Cookie management

The recording of a cookie in a terminal is subject to your prior consent. Consequently, a prior information slip is displayed when you consult the Site for the first time in order to inform you that by continuing your navigation you accept the deposit of cookies on your terminal.

You can refuse the deposit of cookies on your terminal. However, the refusal to install or the deletion of cookies may lead to a degraded operation of use of the Site. The consequences can in no way be considered as being due to Nature for kids .

If you do not wish to receive any cookies, you can adjust the settings of your Internet browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, internet explorer, etc.) to completely block the use of cookies. Some features are then disabled, such as online ordering. You can always consult the website for information on our promotions and our products.

You can manage and modify the use of Cookies at any time.

You can click on the links below to access the user manual for the different browsers:

To avoid cookies from certain sources only, you can visit the following website: .

How to clear cookie history

Here are some explanations to do the deletion yourself.

In Chrome:

  • Click on the 3 dots at the top right. Click History > History > Clear browsing data.
  • In the “Delete browsing data” menu, at the top, in “period” you can choose the period you want to delete. Below, you indicate which elements you want to delete. Choose at least “Cookies and other site data”.
  • Click on “clear data”

In Safari:

  • Open Safari and go to Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Manage Website Data and remove the links you want or click "Remove All"

In Firefox:

  • Click on the 3 lines of the menu, at the top right, click on Preferences > Privacy and security > section "Cookies and site data" > Manage data > delete the links you want or click on "Delete all" > save changes.

In Microsoft Edge:

  • Click the ... icon at the top right of the window to open the setting menu and choose Settings.
  • In the Clear browsing data section, click Choose what to clear.
  • Check the box for Cookies and saved website data (as well as others if you wish) and click Clear. Then close the settings window.

In Internet Explorer:

  • Click on the wheel, top right > Security > Delete browsing history > select "Cookies and website data" and click "delete".

The Client can also connect to platforms, bringing together digital advertising professionals who make it possible to know the companies registered on these platforms and which offer them the possibility of refusing or accepting the Cookies they use to adapt, depending on whether they collect, the advertisements likely to be displayed on its browser.

This European platform is a centralized interface that allows the Customer to express his refusal or acceptance of Cookies from such and such a professional.

This procedure will not prevent the display of advertisements on the websites that the Customer visits. It will only block technologies that make it possible to adapt advertisements to its centers of interest.

It is also possible to browse in private browsing (incognito) which avoids keeping all the previous cookies active.