Nature for kids promotes the circular economy. This is why we offer " Jean Bouteilles" for our non-food bulk. These are specially adapted for bulk and designed to be reused as many times as possible without breaking. The latter are made of glass and closed with mechanical stoppers.

Nature charges you a deposit of €2 for each bottle and a service (cleaning and storage) of €1 per bottle.

Consumers can reuse their bottle(s) at will and deconsign it at any time at Nature for kids in batches of 6 bottles, by sending us a return request to In return, we send you a label to affix to a shipping box and we exchange the 6 bottles for a voucher of €12 (deposit of €2/bottle). If you opt for our solution, we wash them ourselves and they will be reused as containers for non-food products. We ask you to always rinse the bottles well because they are not always washed immediately and pre-washing avoids cross contamination.

If you wish, you also have the option of returning them to one of the stores in the bulk network that allow this in exchange for a €1 deposit.

In all cases, they are then washed and reinserted into the circuit. Washing the bottles consumes less water than producing a new bottle.

Video deposit: Why deposit your glass bottles?-Foundation for Man and Nature created by Nicolas Hulot

Procedure for deconsigning your Jean Bouteilles:

  1. We buy back your bottles in multiples of 6 bottles (in exchange for a €12 voucher).
  2. Send us an email at specifying that you wish to deconsign your Jean Bouteilles. Be sure to mention the number of bottles to be deconsigned!
  3. Once your email has been processed, we send you an email containing a label to print and stick on a shipping box. Stick it on your package and drop it off at your Bpost point.
  4. Please ensure that the bottles are first rinsed by you and close the cap.
  5. Upon receipt of the bottles, the voucher will be sent to you. This will be valid for 12 months.

Think recycling is better than cleaning?

The studies proving the opposite are unanimous! Here are some links ( a study ) ( and the summary ) ( a well-documented petition ) ( the doc of a great project in Toulouse )