The Nature for kids family

An interview proposed by What's your Story - Midoricast by The Podcast Factory Org (ASBL-VZW-NPO) for a series of podcast capsules produced in partnership with the HOPE show: 200 actions to change the world which took place at the Arsenal of Namur on October 8 and 9, 2022.

Here is the podcast produced during the HOPE show in Namur in October 2022 which sums it all up: Click here to listen to it.

Nature for kids was born a few months after the arrival of our daughter Marie. This is the story of 2 parents in their forties:

A father passionate about Nature who very quickly realized that the majority of products intended for babies and children sold on the market were filled with harmful and irritating components for them and a mother who did not as the sole objective of protecting his daughter. Together, they decided to launch an e-commerce in 2020!

Our starting idea: to find healthy 100% natural products (without components from the chemical or petrochemical industry), good for the health of children, but also of our planet.

As he read and researched, Dad realized that it wasn't enough, that he had to go further, narrow it down because some components are really very harmful both for children and for our planet. Such as plastic and its derivatives: PET, polyester, fleece, acrylic, etc., which are found in many articles intended for children and which during washing lose fine particles which will then be ingested. by all the animals and by the children. Yes, YOUR children!

The concept was therefore born: Nature for kids would only offer healthy, zero waste, eco-responsible AND sustainable products for babies and children.

In his vision of zero waste, dad also decided that for shipping orders, Nature for kids would only use boxes from the circular economy. So, several times a week, he goes in search of cardboard boxes and cushioning paper from local organic stores that have agreed to provide their suppliers' shipping boxes.

We are a small Belgian structure on a family scale, everyone participates, we test the products, if we are satisfied and Marie gives us the green light, we offer them to you with the desire to do everything so that you are satisfied with your round ! You trust us and we thank you for it.

Knowing that organic, GOTS certified, natural and sustainable products are generally more expensive than others, we have set up a membership system that offers discounts of up to 50% on the standard price of products for you . get the best prices!

It's as simple as that ! Then we are there if needed and we hope that you will still stay with us to follow this great adventure!

One last thing that is crucial in the eyes of dad: do not buy a product for its low price because in 90% of cases, it will increase the mountains of waste in Asia. Buy it for its durability; when you no longer need it, you can resell it or give it to someone who needs it. And above all, AVOID SINGLE-USE PLASTIC AS FULLY AS POSSIBLE! Your grandchildren will thank you.

Every day is Earth'day

"Seeds sown in childhood grow great roots" - Stephen King