1. Our choices are 100% non-toxic , zero waste and zero plastic of mineral origin.
  2. We favor Belgian and European artisans as well as items made in Belgium or Europe. At least 20% of the range must come from wholesalers, Belgian manufacturers and 90% European. We favor small brands of family origin and ban multinationals.
  3. The raw materials must be of natural origin, preferably organic and without chemical or petrochemical additives. These will preferably be purchased in large quantities (25Kg) and will preferably be packed in paper bags (no waste) or possibly plastic buckets (if recycled).
  4. The article cannot contain chemical plastic, in any form whatsoever, which will be in contact with the skin of the child or with any organic material intended for the child. See component chart.
  5. Identify the labels or certifications of each product (GOTS, Oekotex 100, Ecolabel, Organic, FSC, etc.)
  6. Bioplastic must also be limited because it is not healthier than chemical plastic.
  7. A selection will be made for articles from manufacturers concerned with offering minimalist and ecological packaging . So no overpacking and even less plastic. The packaging cannot generate any waste !

For example: for a wooden toy, the cardboard will be present only to protect the article and to communicate important information about it (composition, instructions for use, standards, brand, mandatory and legal elements, etc.) ).

Components charter :

  • No materials of chemical origin (BPA, polyurethane (PU), polypropylene, nylon, viscose, polyester (PET), acrylic, paraben, polyamide) in direct contact with baby's skin or food products.
  • If cotton or bamboo: organic or from sustainable agriculture (no greenwashing). The manufacturer must know the exact source . Cotton produced in Uzbekistan will be banned because of worker slavery, dictatorship, the drying up of the Aral Sea for cotton growing, the use of chemicals - not organic. Please note that this one is sent to India without the possibility of tracing it and mixes with organic cotton produced in India!!!
  • The wood must bear the FSC label or its use must not generate any waste (which is the case for the Plan Toys brand, made 100% from rubber trees)
  • Pot lids must be made of durable material (cork, wood, glass, natural rubber, etc.)
  • No endocrine disruptors in cosmetics, made using 100% natural materials
  • Bottles and jars (baby cosmetics and home care) must be recyclable, avoid them as much as possible.