Bientôt le Feu Vert pour les démonstrations à Domicile !! - Nature For Kids

The sanitary measures are disappearing... your freedoms are increasing... a little more patience... and soon, we will finally be able to resume our activities normally** friends and acquaintances at home, organize* demonstrations at home...

In this regard, those of Nature for kids will soon be able to resume indoors, we are awaiting the green light from the Belgian consultation committee... we will be able to so you present all our products sustainable, ecological, zero toxic for your baby and/or your child as well as for any your family: wooden toys, ecological baby bottles, board games, school supplies, water bottles and lunch boxes, care products, our ecological drugstore for cleaning products natural and economical...


As soon as possible*, Friday evening, Saturday afternoon/evening or Sunday afternoon.


At home, at a friend's, an acquaintance's or wherever you want, anywhere in Belgium.

How much?

Today, only outside or in a ventilated place - Tomorrow*, inside, maximum 10 people to maintain conviviality.

The Benefits?

The host receives 10% of the total amount of the sale as a voucher. Plus, receive an additional 2-5% shopping voucher if 2-3 of your guests hold a new sale at their home. And you will be delivered directly to your home by the co-founder of Nature for kids.

The outfit?


Interested? Contact us to register.

(*) according to the current Covid rules